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A Clearing House For Giving & Receiving

The ultimate Vision of Love in Action, Inc. is to have all of us identify things we can do to make  the lives of those around us a little better, whether by offering a ride, or a meal, or remodeling a home... Matching needs with those who want to meet them.

The Love In Action web site is just getting started...
We are in the process of planting seeds.  You are invited to become involved, either as a giver or receiver, and help us grow.

We hope that In the next few weeks and months you will begin to see the list of Love In Action charities sprout, grow, and blossom, as we start matching those with needs and those who would like to fulfill them.


You can help grow the seeds of love...
You can sponsor a small nonprofit organization's as a gift, or in honor of someone, and then spread the word. It could be a your local Parish or Ward's list of the sick and needy, or a school band's drive for a trip to a competition. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless and the rewards great.

The process is simple...
Click here, or on the left facing arrow on the graphic above to enter the 'Practice" part of the web site and learn more about how Love In Action works.


Love In Action...

Love In Action was conceived as a lasting tribute and memorial to John Joseph Picini Jr. by his mother, Regina Murphy. In death, just as in life, John's impact is profound.

Regina's New Book...
"The Elusive Gift Of Tragedy", is the account of their life journey together - from before birth, to after death. It is a compelling read and a welcome addition to the videos floating around YouTube and the Internet for some time. A Documentary Movie is in the planning.

This story is rich with answers about life and death... Regina's search for answers in life takes her into the realm of Alternative Medicine, where she invents & rediscovers age old healing techniques. John proves the power of our thoughts and how we can change our outer world by taking responsibility for our inner world.

Learn more...
about Regina, John, the videos, the movie, and take an exclusive look inside "The Elusive Gift Of Tragedy" - click here, or on the right facing arrow on the graphic above.

The Love In Action Clearing House For Giving & Receiving

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