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John Joseph Picini Jr.

 This site is dedicated to, and carries on the works of John Joseph Picini Jr.

In Loving Memory

John Joseph Picini Jr.
February 20, 1986 - October 2, 2005
He taught us of freely giving, and was a shining example to us all.

Man. Boy. Brother. Son. Cousin. Friend. Dude. Musician. Angel, Amazing.
Loving. Giving. Kind. Adorable. Sweet. Sad. Harpy. Fun to be with.  
Inventive.  Creative.  Peaceful.  Beautiful.  Sensitive.

These are all the words to describe John Picini Jr.




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John Joseph Picini Jr.

Two days before his birth, John nearly didn’t make it into this world. Then, upon arrival, we all learned about the Duffy Factor, a blood disorder which made his entry into the world a bit more difficult than most. As we watched John grow, we never ceased to be amazed at who he was becoming. And who he did become. 

When he made music, he was transported to a different plane and he took along with him all who watched and listened. He carried us away. Only a very evolved soul can so profoundly move people with his own creations and John’s were beyond amazing. 

John was graced with an unusual sensitivity. Webster’s dictionary defines sensitivity as the capacity of being easily hurt, and the awareness of the needs and emotions of others. This sensitivity was the foundation of his creative abilities. It was also the foundation of what made us all love him to the core. 

When John suffered the accident that damaged his knees, he turned in his pain to comfort others. His first act after receiving compensation for his injuries was to give his Mother a gift of financing a research program for her, which was designed to, and did, help people. 

John, reaching out from the after life toward a close relative. (Picture has not been manipulated in any way, and there is no known reason for the various "foggings" on the picture. 

When John heard about a woman who had fallen upon hard times and had no money to pay the rent, he took the proceeds of a poker tournament he set up,  gave it to his mother, and asked her to pay the woman's  rent -  but not to tell the woman where the money came from. These are just a few of many many examples of John's giving selflessly and without expectation of gratitude. Yes, that was what John was all about. He took great joy in giving, and in his life he gave us all more than he ever knew. 

John took his own pain and turned it into good fortune for others. This is truly a lesson to all of us in what living is about. A statue of St. Francis of Assisi stood in John’s house. From St. Francis, John learned that it is in giving that we receive, in comforting that we find comfort, in giving faith that we find it, and in loving that we are loved. 

So much did John enjoy giving that he went to a party at the Oasis Center for Children at Christmas time and gave each child a card, a hug, and twenty dollars. He did this again on Valentine’s Day. These actions represent the very essence of John Joseph Picini Jr. 

These acts of giving, and many more, paved the way for the formation of Love In Action, Inc.

We who are left behind have been forever changed for knowing John. And we will be forever changed for having lost him. He is, without a doubt, surrounded with warmth and love and light in the arms of God the father, his son Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother. They’re holding him and he’ll have no tears in heaven.


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