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A Clearing House For Giving & Receiving

The Vision of Love in Action, Inc. is to have all of us identify things we can do to make  the lives of those around us a little better, whether by offering a ride, or a meal, or remodeling a home... Matching needs with those who want to meet them.


Because everyone's
 life is precious, 
Because everyone
means something,
Because everyone
is important,
Because everyone
Because everyone
 can give something...
Even if it's a smile.

GIVING is better than receiving because GIVING starts the receiving process.

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into GIVING.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in GIVING creates love.

Help Your Favorite Charitable, Humanitarian, Aid Based, Non-profit, or Altruistic Group or Cause

Love In Action is about matching needs with those who want to meet them. Through Love In Action Inc. we hope to help people become more aware of the smaller organizations, groups, and causes - closer to their homes and hearts, that have no funds to advertise. 

You can sponsor a included within a full WEB PAGE for, and about, your favorite Humanitarian, Charitable, Aid Based, or otherwise Altruistic organization, service, group or cause. 

It could be a your local Parish or Ward's list of the sick and needy, or a school band's drive for a trip to a competition. It could be your local Elks club special project to make sandwiches to feed the homeless, or a rural community's effort to establish a library. If you think about it, there are hundreds of good causes that can use your support and sponsorship. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless - and the rewards great. 

The process is simple.


Plant Some Seeds Of Love Today!

How It Works:

  • On your sponsored web page, you begin by telling the world about your cause - their work, their goals, recent projects, or what ever you feel is important to share. 
    You may want to explain why the they mean so much to you, or tell about your involvement with them. It's your choice. Although there is a vast amount of space to accomplish this on your sponsored web page,  it is suggested that this portion be somewhere between 300 - 1,000 words -  for ease of readability, and comprehension

  • You may choose to have your name listed as sponsor for the page, or sponsor the page as a gift in honor of someone's name. Or you may wish to remain anonymous. It is your choice. 
    If you are listed as the sponsor, you may choose to make your email address or phone number available - or not.

  • Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So you may want to add a picture or two. 

  • After telling about your endeavor, share their WISH LIST
    Although we refer to this section as the "wish list", in reality it could be a list of their greatest needs, an appeal for involvement or volunteers, or in some cases, it may even take the form of an invitation to receive / apply for their special abilities to provide certain unique services. What to put out there for the world to be aware of is your choice.
    Again, although there is a large amount of space available for this presentation, it is suggested that the list be capped at about a thousand words.

Think of all that can be accomplished by a couple of pictures and a couple thousand words put into the hands of someone who wants help! 

What a very special way to gift your favorite charity or group!  And Love In Action is about making just those kinds of connections. 

  • Love In Action is a non-profit, [USA 501(c)(3) corporation] dedicated to connecting givers and receivers, and we ask for a donation of $150 to list your Wish List. 

And that donation goes further than just helping your favorite cause:
It goes on to help other endeavors & causes as well! 

All funds over and above the actual finances of posting your page, and maintaining the web site are put into a special fund which helps sponsor less fortunate causes that are not fortunate enough to have someone like you to sponsor a page for them. 

  If you a group that has no one to sponsor a page for you, please click here.













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