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A Clearing House For Giving & Receiving

The Vision of Love in Action, Inc. is to have all of us identify things we can do to make  the lives of those around us a little better, whether by offering a ride, or a meal, or remodeling a home... Matching needs with those who want to meet them.

Las Vegas Nevada
Oasis on Campus Treatment Center
6171 W. Charleston Blvd. Bldg #13
702 486-6166
Wish List

"It is in giving...

 that we receive" 

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on GIVING of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.

All that this world knows of living lies in GIVING

GIVING is true having.


   The Oasis on Campus Treatment Center

The Oasis on Campus Treatment Center is three homes located on the Campus of Clark County Community College. Each home houses up to six children who are emotionally disturbed between the ages of six and eighteen. 

It is the primary goal of the staff to prepare these children to return to their families if possible or to go into foster care. It is part of the State of Nevada, Division of Child and Family Services. I became aware of this program because of a class I was teaching in Energy Psychology. A group of Social Workers from the State Division of Child and Family Services took the class. 

I was impressed at their level of dedication because I offer no CEU’s. They took the class in their free time, paid for the materials out of their own pockets and then got together several times to discuss how the techniques were working. This is a tremendous testament to the dedication of our State Employees, for this is not their job, this is their life’s work. 

I met Evelyn Squillari , the supervisor of the program last fall. As I learned about the center I mentioned to my husband David that we should do something for the children for Christmas. The State provides a fifty Dollar gift certificate. David asked Evelyn for a wish list. Through the generosity of Complete Spectrum Lending, Dave and Patty Jones, and friends, we mentioned this to we were able to give them everything on the list and much more. It was the best Christmas ever. 

The kids at The Oasis on Campus Treatment Center are always close to my heart, and why I volunteer there. They are the reason I have sponsored this page. Please help if you can.

~ Regina Murphy
Page Sponsor 



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Below is the Oasis Center's current Wish List.


  • Wal-Mart gift certificates…this covers a wide range of needs that come up daily. With the restrictions of a State Budget many things are out of reach for these children such as appropriate clothing, new towels, shoes, sunscreen.

  • Other gift certificates such as Michaels, for Arts and Crafts, Borders, movies, pizza, McDonalds, Buffet and Show tickets

  • Music lessons.

  • Gently used picnic tables, outdoor grills, bicycles, clothing and accessories.


  • The houses are dreary and could use the talents of a good interior designer, painting contractor, and some nice furniture…. Of course I’ll hit my daughter up for new hard surface flooring.


  • Three Vans for the safe transportation of these children.


  • Every day is difficult at the center. Sometimes a child could go home, but the mother might not be able to afford a bed. This little thing can stand in the way of a child being able to go home. 

    Naturally the State cannot help in this area, but you can. You can call or e-mail Evelyn and tell her to put you on her FRIEND OF THE CHILDREN list. She will have a list of people she could call on when this type of problem arises. 

    By law State Employees cannot ask or solicit funds, however, no law can stop you from offering to help in a crisis.


This Page In Loving Memory of John Joseph Picini Jr. February 20, 1986 - October 2, 2005



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